CHRI Task Force Survey

Dear NTGCR Member:

Early in the year, NTGCR established a Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) Task Force with the purpose of reviewing the recent changes to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) fingerprints submission processes through the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC); as well as, compliance with the applicable laws specific to Criminal Justice Information (CJI).

Members of the Task Force include, Celeste Hughes, Lisa Tsosie, Jered Burright, Kelly Myers, Lena Hammons, and Jamie Hummingbird. Recently, the Task Force added to this Task Force member tribes with experience with CHRI/CJI audit/assessments, Dave Vialpando, Meredith Hanely and Thorston Tom.

The original goal of the Task Force was to provide an assessment of the FBI/NIGC statutory requirements and recommendations to tribal gaming regulators on the collection, submission, and handling of gaming license application fingerprints and resulting Criminal History Record Information (CHRI); provide checklist(s), and other document templates.

While our goal remains, we are also of the opinion that there is a more immediate need to provide assistance via a webinar, roundtable, and case studies. In order for NTGCR to meet the needs of member tribes, we are asking for your input so that the webinars, roundtables, and case studies meet your needs. Therefore, we are asking that you respond to the questions found at:

There are 9 questions and the survey takes less than five (5) minutes to complete. Your response will be greatly appreciated.

Please click on the link above and submit your responses soon. Survey will be closed November 10th.


Celeste Hughes

CHRI Task Force Chairperson


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