NTGCR Scholarship Application Spring 2021

NTGCR Scholarship Application

Spring 2021

Deadline for Submission: November 30th, 2020

The National Tribal Gaming Commissions & Regulators® (NTGCR) will be awarding two (2) $2,500 Scholarships to graduating high school seniors, undergraduates, and graduate students pursuing a degree in higher education at an accredited college or university as a full-time student.

In honor of the late Jess Green, a Chickasaw Attorney who helped pave the way for Indian gaming in Oklahoma and who fought for Native American rights/tribal sovereignty; the NTGCR is awarding one (1) scholarship in the amount of $2,500 for students currently enrolled in law school, pursuing a Juris Doctorate.


∙ Must be an enrolled member of a United States federally-recognized American Indian tribe, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian group;

∙ Must be enrolled at an accredited college or university within the United States. ∙ Must not have received the NTGCR or Jess Green Scholarships in the previoussemester. EVALUATION:

Students will be evaluated on academic achievement, as shown by their grade point average and curriculum rigor. Students are also evaluated on their exhibition of leadership in school, civic and extra-curricular activities; honors and awards received; character, as evidenced by community involvement and volunteer work; personal essay; letters of recommendation; and professional development.


In order to be considered for a scholarship award, the applicant must have and/or submit: ∙ A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale at the time of application;

∙ Proof of enrollment at an United States accredited college or university asfull-time student (e.g., class schedule);

∙ Official High School and/or College Transcript;

∙ Photograph, small color (e.g., passport photo);

∙ Copy of Tribal Membership Card or CDIB;

∙ Copy of ACT, SAT, or GRE score or other academic entrance test score; ∙ Three (3) letters of recommendation from professional or educational sources. APPLICATION:

A complete application, along with the corresponding required documents as indicated in the application packet, must be postmarked by or received via email on or before June 30th of each year for consideration for the fall semester and postmarked by or received via email on or before November 30th for the spring semester.

Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline date will not be accepted. If sending by email, please send one pdf document with application and all attachments together. If sending by mail, please include all documents in one envelope if at all possible.

Scholarships can affect your financial aid eligibility!

It is your responsibility to inform your Financial AidOffice if awarded thisscholarship. Send completed applications and supporting documents to:

National Indian Gaming Commissions & Regulators

Attn: Scholarship Committee – Dawn Reiter

P.O. Box 454

Oneida, WI 54155


Email: dawnr@ntgcr.com

Scholarship Application – Spring 2021

Deadline for Submission: November 30th, 2020


Jess Green (Law School Only)

PERSONAL DATA: (Please print or type)

NAME: GENDER: M or F Last First Middle (circle one)


Street or P. O. Box

City State Zip

MAILING ADDRESS: (if different than above)

Street or P. O. Box

City State Zip







Name of College / University You Plan to Attend & Location (City/State):

Field of Study / Major:

Classification Anticipated at Next Term (circle one):

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

Graduate: Master Degree Type:

Doctorate or other Terminal Degree: Type:


On a separate sheet of paper, please list any honors & awards you have received including a description and the date each honor or award received.


-Official High School or College Transcript;

-Photograph, small color (3x5 or digital sent via e-mail);

-Copy of Tribal Membership Card or CDIB;

-Copy of ACT, SAT, or GRE score or other academic entrance test score; ⮚ Three (3) letters of recommendation;

-Personal / Family / Social Issues: Check all that apply and explain in the personal essay. □ I am an orphan;

□ I was raised in a one-parent household for all or part of my childhood;

□ I lived in foster care or other out-of-home placement for all or part of my childhood;

□ I am under age 21;

□ I am a non-traditional student. Must meet one of the following criteria: married, have a dependent, over 25 years of age, a veteran, divorced, widowed, returning to school after two (2) year or longer absence.

-Personal Essay: No more than four (4) pages, typewritten, double-spaced. Address each of the following:

⬧ Personal background information (yourself, family, school, community). Please note if you speak your tribal language or if you are learning your tribal language and other cultural skills.

⬧ Explanation of any item(s) checked above.

⬧ Your degree plan for higher education and why you have chosen this field of study. ⬧ How you plan to server your tribal people when you complete your higher education.

⬧ Why you should be selected for this scholarship (e.g. special interests, exceptional skills & ability, personal need, or anything else you would like to tell about yourself).

-All items must be submitted at the time of application. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.


Please check any statement that may affect your financial condition at the start of the school term. Please provide additional information about your financial need in the personal essay.

□ I will receive substantial financial assistance from my parent(s), guardian(s), family member(s), or friend(s).

□ I will be financially responsible for the majority of my living and school expenses (rent, food, insurance, tuition, fees, and books).

□ I am eligible for the federal student financial aid (FAFSA) for the coming academic year. □ I plan to apply for other scholarships and grants (list scholarship(s) and amounts in your personal essay).


I certify that all information in this application is true to the best of my knowledge and that I, personally, have completed this application and the personal essay. I understand that if I am chosen, I will provide proof of enrollment at the beginning of the term and submit an official copy of my transcript at the end of the term to the NTGCR scholarship coordinator. I further agree and release information in this application to be shared with the NTGCR membership and for publicity purposes. My social security number, transcript, address, e-mail address or telephone numbers MAY NOT be shared or used for publicity purposes.

Printed Name:

Signature: Date:

Please mail completed application and required supporting documents by mail to:

National Tribal Gaming Commissioners/Regulators:

Attn: Scholarship Committee – Dawn Reiter

P. O. Box 454

Oneida, WI 54155

or email a PDF document to:

Email to: dawnr@ntgcr.com

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