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This section needs to be updated with citations. You can help autocorrect by improving this section. Gameplay The gameplay is a mix of third-person shooting, vehicle action and role-playing, which is similar to the game Contra . The player can complete most of the missions with the help of a smart phone or using the in-game portable hotspot. The game features cooperative gameplay, through which the player can spend in-game currency, obtained by killing enemies, on unlocking levels, adding gadgets, and purchasing a wide variety of weapons. The player can also spend in-game currency on an "armour" shop, which allows them to speed up the game, giving the player more "health" and more credits at the expense of a penalty to the players' movement speed. Plot The game is set in a sci-fi-inspired cyberpunk world and chronicles the events of an underground mercenary-killing game show that appears to be run by the mafia, the "Caesar's Lieutenants" organization. The gameplay involves the player traversing through the levels and completing objectives such as rescuing hostages, shooting or breaking into certain doors and other barricades, along with picking up dropped weapons, ammunition, and money. Characters The characters are a mix of fictional and real-life characters: Recurring characters Commander Six - The head of Caesar's Lieutenants, Commander Six is shown to be a multi-faceted and emotional man. He is often seen shaking hands with the "boss" of each team, and is shown to be very loyal to his superiors. Commander Six is a smart character, shown to know the whereabouts of the mercenaries and their weapons, with him often referring to them by name. When outnumbered, he uses his "equipment" to their full advantage. The player can freely choose Commander Six's speech options and his attire, which can range from his SWAT-style tactical gear to a shirt with a microphone attached to his back. Boss characters Unnamed Boss - A one-eyed, neon-colored woman wearing a silver suit. She has a short temper and prefers to be called "Boss". She is the main antagonist of the game and is also depicted as an angry woman, often cursing and destroying items in the game world, such as computers. She is a very determined character and likes to keep her objectives clear. Reception Mercenaries: Playground



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Downloadmercenaries1pcfree delianas

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