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The National Tribal Gaming Commissioners & Regulators (NTGCR) Organization would like to invite you to become an Associate Member. NTGCR is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to, “Promote cooperative relationships among the commissioners and regulators of tribal gaming enterprises and other organizations; Promote exchange of thoughts, information and ideas which foster regulatory standards and enforcement that lead to consistent regulatory practices and methods of operations among the NTGCR members.” 

Associate Members of NTGCR gain credibility as a sponsor of the Tribal gaming industry, achieve access to the Tribal Gaming Commissions of this growing market, and have the opportunity to network with the field at NTGCR conferences. As an added bonus,  Associate Members are eligible to receive the following: 

Website Listing and Link: All Associate Members in good standing are listed on the NTGCR website. If your company has a website, we will add your company logo, contact information and a link to your company website on our website at

 NTGCR Associate Member Logo: Current Associate Members may use the NTGCR “Associate” logo in their marketing and advertising materials, including placement on a company website. Please contact the NTGCR office and we will be glad to email this you. Using the NTGCR branding logo in any other form including “co-branding” will require pre-approval from the NTGCR Board. 

Membership Window Stickers or Plaques – Proudly display your affiliation with the organization comprised of Tribal Gaming Commissioners and Regulators from throughout the county at your office or other conference or tradeshows. 

Discounts - Discounts on all NTGCR Meetings and Conferences. 

List Requests— Associate Members can obtain, upon request, mailing lists for specific purposes. 

All Associate Members receive priority in presenting workshops at our conferences. This means your workshop proposal will be scored higher in the selection process before presenters who are not Associate Members. 

Automatic Approval - When your Company is approved as an Associate Member, your company will be given automatic approval year after year as long as the yearly dues are current, and the Board has not made a determination to cancel the membership. A reminder notice will be sent out in late December or early January. 

To become an Associate Member, applicants must: 

1. Provide goods or services directly to the Tribal gaming regulatory community; and 

2. Complete the Associate Member application along with fee and submit them to the NTGCR Membership Committee 

3. Receive approval by the NTGCR Officers to be recognized. 


The Associate Membership Application is attached and may be filled out electronically for your convenience. 


The NTGCR Membership Committee 

Les Stanley 

Membership Committee Chairman 



As a member of NTGCR, your Tribe will receive all NTGCR publications, meeting notices, and action alerts.  You will also be eligible to receive discounts on registration fees for NTGCR seminars, meetings, and trade show booth space.  The association membership designations are as follows:

Member Tribes: 

A Tribal gaming regulatory body as designated by its respective governing body.

Voting Members: 

Each approved member tribe will have one vote, to be cast by their designated representative.

Associate Members: 

Any other commissioners or regulators approved for membership shall be recognized as associate members.  Associate members are eligible to serve on committees as approved or directed by the NTGCR Board of Directors.


Annual membership dues are assessed on all current members as well as on new applicants.  The amounts of the annual dues are as follows:

Membership Dues Structure:

Non-Gaming Tribes & Class II (only) - $250.00

Class III Gaming Tribes - $500.00

Dues are payable upon submission of the initial application and on the first day of January thereafter.  Dues must be paid in full to obtain and maintain all benefits as members of the NTGCR.

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